Sun, my beloved

O sun, when will you shine,
your warm days down,
o God! If my beloved were in my arms,
and I in my home town again.



What does life give you in the end but sorrow
Why do love’s good and evil send but sorrow

I have only seen true companion – pain
And I have known no faithful friend but sorrow

Why does my beloved separate from I
and why do I receive not faith but sorrow

Why did we unite and then separate
and why Jimale receive not joy but sorrow



remix of Hafez

o my coffee

O coffee-bearer brighten my cup with the coffee
Delicious beverage, for God’s friends
O soothsayer, say good fortune is now mine
The face of my Beloved is reflected in my little shinning cup
At the cozy little table made for the lovers of coffee
Little you know why with coffee, I always myself align.
O breeze if by chance you pass through friendly gardens
From me to my Beloved, please give a sign;
Ask why you choose to forget my name?
Hafiz,let a tear drop or two leave your eyes

Hafiz Shiraz, just playing with it!

Somali Traditional Song

gabar yaroo subhaano [Young beautiful girl]
maro shabeelo hirato [wearing tiger-patterned]
maro qafiifa huwato [light, thin clothing]
maga’aaga ii sheeg [Tell me your name]
magaeygu waa sharaf [she says: My name is Sharaf]
sharaf haaji weeyan [Sharaf Haaji, it is]
aqalada hariirta [Those beautiful houses]
dhina baan ka jooga [I live beside] More