O coffee-bearer brighten my cup with the coffee
Delicious beverage, for God’s friends
O soothsayer, say good fortune is now mine
Little you know why with coffee, I always myself align.
O breeze if by chance you pass through friendly gardens
From me to my Beloved, please give a sign;
Ask why you choose to forget my name?
O Jimale, let a tear drop or two leave your eyes
Hafiz of Shiraz, one of the finest poets from Persia

World Hijab Day: Support Muslims’ Rights

By Abdulkarim Jimale

MILWAUKEE – Making the call for a special day to support Muslims’ right to don hijab freely, a young American woman did not expect her call to reach over 100 countries and hundreds of thousands of supporters from across the globe.

“We’re anticipating over 1 Million participants,” Nazma Khan, the founder of World Hijab Day movement, told about the second anniversary of the event. “So far 116 countries are participating in World Hijab Day,” she added.