Who Are the Real Pirates in Somalia’s Water?

When will Somali piracy problem come to an end? When will the world really care for Somalia’s unprotected waters, stop the illegal fishing and the dumping of toxic waste? When would the world leave the vast coast of Somalia to Somalis to protect?

According to the United Nation (UN) report, an estimated US$300 million worth of seafood is stolen from the Somali’s coastline each year by foreign vessels. In response, piracy off the Somali coast has threatened international shipping since the collapsed of Somali government in early 1990s.

It has recently become a big issue, which has affected the maritime world and has lead to a shift in strategy towards Somalia. Somalis and many leaders around the world believe that the problem of piracy is linked to the need for peace and stability in Somalia.

I pine for you

You’ve made me restless
I pine for you
Never in midstream leave me,
How can I tell you how I suffer
I live for you, I will die for you.


Foreign Helicopters Sky Hunting Somali Wild Life

Somalia – Has Somalia’s wildlife been defined as terrorists? Are the ostriches, gazelles and warthogs harbouring terrorists?

“From late 2008 up to the present foreign helicopters patroling warships in Somali waters have been poaching and stealing wildlife from the coastal villages in North Eastern, Somalia” Farah Ahmed an elder in Eyl district told Islamonline.net, IOL.

Elders and nomadic families of the coastal villages in Puntland, a self-declared state in northeastern Somalia, are suffering from foreign helicopters that are hunting and stealing wildlife on the outskirts of the villages in coastal areas. The most targeted areas by the flying poachers are Nugal, Karkar and Mudug regions. More

Divided By War, United By War: Story Of Somali Refugee Players In Kenya

AFTER escaping the violence back home, where the radical Islamist group Al Shabaab wanted to kill their passion for the sport, youth full Somali refugees continue to pursue their dream of playing in the big leagues in Europe. As they dribble the ball in the rugged and tiny play fields in Eastleigh estate of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, they hope that one day they will be celebrated like Somali-born Manchester City midfielder ABDISALAAM ABDULKADIR IBRAAHIM.


Hundreds of Somali youth refugees living in the Eastleigh estate of Nairobi see the long day as boring, sitting in makeshift restaurants alongside the streets, talking about the world cup games, and arguing who and why, with hope of finding a role model to emulate.



World Hijab Day: Support Muslims’ Rights

By Abdulkarim Jimale

MILWAUKEE – Making the call for a special day to support Muslims’ right to don hijab freely, a young American woman did not expect her call to reach over 100 countries and hundreds of thousands of supporters from across the globe.

“We’re anticipating over 1 Million participants,” Nazma Khan, the founder of World Hijab Day movement, told OnIslam.net about the second anniversary of the event. “So far 116 countries are participating in World Hijab Day,” she added.



What does life give you in the end but sorrow
Why do love’s good and evil send but sorrow

I have only seen true companion – pain
And I have known no faithful friend but sorrow

Why does my beloved separate from I
and why do I receive not faith but sorrow

Why did we unite and then separate
and why Jimale receive not joy but sorrow



remix of Hafez

o my coffee

O coffee-bearer brighten my cup with the coffee
Delicious beverage, for God’s friends
O soothsayer, say good fortune is now mine
The face of my Beloved is reflected in my little shinning cup
At the cozy little table made for the lovers of coffee
Little you know why with coffee, I always myself align.
O breeze if by chance you pass through friendly gardens
From me to my Beloved, please give a sign;
Ask why you choose to forget my name?
Hafiz,let a tear drop or two leave your eyes

Hafiz Shiraz, just playing with it!

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