When she is going off about something that you said

Your heartbeat staggers,
Your body, your soul trembles
You lose your wits,
All you can do is cry; you feel loneliness while you’re in crowd of people
When you lost in thoughts of your love
All days, nights pass while you are not awake neither sleep
People call you insane
Oh, then your heart speaks

When I found you, myself got so strong
But when I drive you mad
I feel so weak, start sinking
My heart, my loved ones became stranger to me,
I feel distant even to myself
Sometimes I feel like a lost child
I wonder why I said that word
I feel guilty
Without you, I am like homeless child
I admit my mistakes, feel so sorry
What can someone do in this stage?
Forgive me babe, I offer her heartfelt sorry
Love has no limits for some, neither does the soreness

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