Tears for Somalia

No matter how early one rises with the sun
Instead of the birds singing before the day’s begun
Russian revolvers chatter louder and louder
Before falling into line in my Somalia

Instead of the promise of the morning air
Shooting, shelling, killing are the days here,
Where life not so precious schools in things that guns do,
Not for reading and writing and dreams too…
The roads to somewhere blocked everywhere


Listen Darling

Just have a seat and listen
My dream, my desire,
My tale is you to become my soul-mate
Your beauty melted and ripened my heart
You’re the light of my eyes



When she is going off about something that you said

Your heartbeat staggers,
Your body, your soul trembles
You lose your wits,
All you can do is cry; you feel loneliness while you’re in crowd of people
When you lost in thoughts of your love
All days, nights pass while you are not awake neither sleep
People call you insane
Oh, then your heart speaks


Everyone I came across

Everyone I came across
appears like you
looks like I’m going to go mad
for I’m in love with you