The day is dawning,
like a flower blossoming;
it’s the beauty of your skin

When you walk, the world looks on
When you stop, time stops,
When you smile, all the earth would be yours

This morning, from a distance,
I saw you walking away alone,
I came so close, yet you’re so far,
we meet, yet we don’t

My heart beat goes boom boom,
I feel lonely, though am in crowd
my loved ones became strangers,
flower gardens now seem desolate
I remain lost in thoughts of you

Infatuated by thee,
now thou has met me
How helpless I am,
what is this trial by fire
Why at times even strangers seem they are your owns!

My body inhales you
and tremble with bliss,
I met you in my dreams
your voice is music to my ears

You touched my heart,
filled with so much love,
a glance of yours fills me with ecstasy

I found in you everything,
this feelin’ got no limits,
neither does the pain

You are sun, you are color;
I see your face in the night, in the dawn,
in the brightness, in the darkness,
in asleep, in awake

No boundaries can stop this feeling
just like birds and gusts of winds
no boundaries can stop them
Borders are for human beings

My ambition to raise your name
and build a tower that could touch the light,
upon the sky, to test my love,
for all, to see how I love you

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  1. naa
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 19:25:04



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